Leading With Laughter: How U.S. Presidents Use Humor To Relate, Motivate And Communicate — And How You Can Too!

Humor is a powerful tool for presidents. It commands attention, creates rapport and makes ideas more memorable.  It can also relieve tension, defuse conflict and motivate people — if it’s used appropriately.  Whether you’re talking to one person or one thousand, using humor in a presentation can make your point, build goodwill and get an audience on your side.

It can also be a powerful tool for you. In this presentation, Kushner shows you simple, presidential humor techniques to become a more affective communicator — even if you can’t tell a joke.

Each technique is demonstrated by a U.S. president via video and audio clips. This non-partisan presentation features each president using humor intentionally and successfully.  (There are no goof-ups or bloopers!)  Many of these clips were obtained during Kushner’s five years of research in the National Archives. You won’t see the rare ones anywhere else.

You’ll learn:

– how to select humor appropriate to your message

– how to create personal anecdotes that make a point

– simple types of humor that don’t require comic delivery

– how humor can save you from awkward situations

– the secret of not “bombing”

– the difference between “being funny”and communicating a “sense of humor”

– how to avoid the two biggest mistakes in using humor

Transform your sense of humor into a powerful professional asset. It’s an invaluable skill for anyone.  And that’s no joke!

Program Options

Length: The material in this program is modularized so it can be made to fit your needs. It has been delivered in presentations ranging from 30 to 90 minutes. It’s most popular length as a keynote is 60 minutes.

Workshop: The material can also be explored in greater detail with exercises in a workshop ranging from one to three hours.

CE credit: The keynote or workshop usually qualifies for continuing education credit as communication skills. Organizations that have granted CE credit include the Texas Medical Association, Washington Municipal Treasurers Association and State Bar of California.

Public Speaking For Dummies

Public speaking is one of the most important skills for succeeding in today’s competitive world. In our “Information Age,” getting your ideas across with conviction and credibility is absolutely essential. It can make the difference between success and failure – on the job, at home and in life.

The ability to make effective presentations is fundamental.  It’s not optional. Whether you’re dealing with one person or one thousand, you must have impact.

In an entertaining and informative program, you will learn how to:

– Prepare a message in a way that overcomes stage fright

– Avoid common delivery mistakes

– Develop personal anecdotes that make a point

– Use simple rhetorical tricks to sound like a great orator

– Set audience expectations

– Use humor to defuse tough questions

Learn tips and tricks that will let you fascinate an audience and make your message memorable. Change your next presentation from remarks to remarkable.

Note: This material can be delivered as a keynote or workshop ranging from 60 to 90 minutes.